Angela Dispenzieri, MD, on Managing Newly Diagnosed AL Amyloidosis

By Blood Cancer Talks - Last Updated: February 27, 2024

In this episode of “Blood Cancer Talks,” Angela Dispenzieri, MD, of the Mayo Clinic, joins hosts Raj Chakraborty, MD; Ashwin Kishtagari, MD; and Edward Cliff, MD, to discuss the management of newly diagnosed light chain (AL) amyloidosis.

Dr. Dispenzieri and the hosts discussed the following topics:

  • The ANDROMEDA trial, which evaluated Dara-VCD versus VCD
  • The Mayo 2004 and 2012 staging systems
  • The optimal use of tissue biopsy
  • Hematologic and cardiac response criteria in AL amyloidosis
  • Venetoclax in relapsed or refractory AL amyloidosis
  • How to treat AL amyloidosis

This podcast originally appeared on Blood Cancer Talks. 

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