How to Manage Acute Toxicities After CAR-T Treatment?

By Blood Cancer Talks - Last Updated: July 19, 2023
In this episode of “Blood Cancer Talks,” the hosts are joined by Michael Jain, MD, PhD, of the Moffitt Cancer Center. Dr. Jain discusses how he manages the acute toxicities that can arise after chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy.

Dr. Jain and the hosts discuss the research surrounding management of these toxicities, which can include cytokine release syndrome (CRS), immune effector cell-associated neurotoxicity syndrome (ICANS), and hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH).

They discuss treating refractory CRS and ICANS after CAR T-cell therapy, as well as the CAR-HEMATOTOX score, which is a model for CAR T-cell–related hematologic toxicity in patients with relapsed or refractory large B-cell lymphoma.

They also discuss the American Society for Transplantation and Cellular Therapy consensus for grading CRS and ICANS, using a hematopoietic stem cell boost for persistent neutropenia after CAR T-cell therapy, and using a modified EASIX score for predicting CRS and neurotoxicity.

This podcast originally appeared on Blood Cancer Talks

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