The latest news, research, and perspectives in multiple myeloma. Multiple myeloma is characterized by the proliferation of malignant plasma cells that accumulate in the bone marrow and produce abnormal immunoglobulin. Read more about the pathophysiology, diagnosis, staging, and treatment of myeloma.
Sandy Wong, MDMyeloma | March 22, 2023
Novel therapies and “game-changing drugs” have made a major impact on the treatment of myeloma, Dr. Wong said.
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Cecilia BrownMyeloma | March 22, 2023
Patients with clinical progression had a significantly shorter median OS from their first relapse.
Sandy Wong, MDMyeloma | March 20, 2023
Sandy Wong, MD, explains how clinicians and researchers can help educate others about myeloma.
Leah SherwoodMyeloma | March 17, 2023
Molly Stoddart, RN, BSN, is a clinical research nurse on the multiple myeloma team at the Winship Cancer Institute at Emory.
Cecilia BrownMyeloma | March 15, 2023
Around two-thirds of second primary malignancies were solid malignancies and 20% were myeloid malignancies.
Sandy Wong, MDMyeloma | March 14, 2023
Sandy Wong, MD, explains what Myeloma Awareness Month means to her as a clinician and a researcher.
Cecilia BrownMyeloma | March 14, 2023
The “greatest benefit" was observed in those who had t(4;14) or amp1q21.
Cecilia BrownMyeloma | March 10, 2023
Frailty measures have been "increasingly incorporated" in multiple myeloma trials in recent years.
Sagar Lonial, MD, FACPMyeloma | March 6, 2023
Sagar Lonial, MD, FACP, Editor-in-Chief of Blood Cancers Today, discusses Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month.
Cecilia BrownMyeloma | March 6, 2023
Dr. Raje reflects on the mentors who shaped her career, the evolution of myeloma treatment, and more.
Cecilia BrownMyeloma | March 6, 2023
The four-year OS rate from the first randomization was 94% in patients without high-risk cytogenetic abnormalites.
Leah SherwoodMyeloma | February 27, 2023
The OPTIMUM/MUKnine clinical trial aimed to reduce the risk of relapse before and after AHSCT in ultrahigh-risk MM.
Leah SherwoodMyeloma | February 23, 2023
The new FDA decision follows its granting of Breakthrough Therapy Designation to elranatamab in November 2022.
Leah SherwoodAcute Myeloid Leukemia | February 20, 2023
Advocates hope it will bring much-needed changes to patient care for complex cancers—including hematologic malignancies.
Cecilia BrownMyeloma | February 16, 2023
The investigators plan to continue using the monitoring strategies and further study patient outcomes.
Leah SherwoodMyeloma | February 15, 2023
The research shows an emerging target for the development of novel CAR T-cell immunotherapies.
Cecilia BrownMyeloma | February 10, 2023
Idecabtagene vicleucel led to “deeper and more durable responses” than standard regimens in the KarMMa-3 trial.
Thomas Martin, MDMyeloma | February 7, 2023
Thomas G. Martin, MD, and Saad Z. Usmani, MD, MBA, FACP, debate CAR-T vs bispecific antibodies for R/R MM.
Leah SherwoodMyeloma | January 31, 2023
A triplet may improve PFS over lenalidomide alone in patients with multiple myeloma who underwent induction and AHSCT.
Cecilia BrownMyeloma | January 30, 2023
A new method to detect MRD in peripheral blood had an “unprecedented sensitivity” level in multiple myeloma.
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