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Meeting News
Cecilia BrownMeeting News | February 24, 2023
The Clever-1 targeting antibody is currently under evaluation in clinical trials as part of a combination therapy.
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Cecilia BrownMeeting News | February 22, 2023
Mitochondrial targeting strategies could be combined with chemotherapy as part of induction and consolidation for AML.
Cecilia BrownMeeting News | February 21, 2023
Brexucabtagene autoleucel led to “high rates of durable response” in adults with relapsed/refractory B-cell ALL.
Cecilia BrownTransplantation & Cellular Therapy | February 21, 2023
The study's investigators identified a four-gene model that segregated patients with different survival probabilities.
Cecilia BrownMeeting News | February 16, 2023
The estimated 24-month nonrelapse mortality was significantly lower in the CAR-T cohort than in the allogeneic HSCT cohort.
Leah SherwoodMyeloma | February 15, 2023
The research shows an emerging target for the development of novel CAR T-cell immunotherapies.
Cecilia BrownFollicular Lymphoma | February 15, 2023
The researchers reported “high rates of durable responses” in most patients who were in high-risk disease subgroups.
Cecilia BrownTransplantation & Cellular Therapy | February 10, 2023
The multicenter, single-arm phase II trial evaluated axicabtagene ciloleucel in patients with MZL or follicular lymphoma.
Michael Dickinson, MBBS, DMedSc, FRACP, FRACPAVideo Insights | January 13, 2023
Michael Dickinson, MBBS, DMedSc, discusses updates on glofitamab that were presented during the 2022 ASH meeting.
Shambavi Richard, MDVideo Insights | December 28, 2022
Shambavi Richard, discusses a retrospective study on extramedullary disease and CAR-T in multiple myeloma.
Simona Soverini, PhDVideo Insights | December 28, 2022
Simona Soverini, PhD, discusses new molecular data on CML, remaining challenges, and potentially practice-changing data.
Ajai Chari, MDVideo Insights | December 27, 2022
Ajai Chari, MD, of Mount Sinai School of Medicine, discusses results from the MonumenTAL-1 phase I/II study of talquetamab.
Leah SherwoodMeeting News | December 27, 2022
Patients with multiple myeloma receiving BCMA-targeted therapies are at high risk of infectious complications.
Sarah Tasian, MDVideo Insights | December 22, 2022
Sarah Tasian, MD, of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, talks with The HemOnc Pulse about pediatric oncology.
Cecilia BrownAggressive B-Cell Lymphoma | December 21, 2022
A simulation approach identified odronextamab dosing regimens that could be used in children with aggressive NHL.
Kerri FitzgeraldMeeting News | December 21, 2022
Race/ethnicity, income, and access to chemotherapy and radiation therapy improved outcomes in patients with Burkitt lymphoma.
Kerri FitzgeraldMeeting News | December 21, 2022
The cell of origin in patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma may impact their response to CAR-T therapy and survival.
Cecilia BrownMeeting News | December 21, 2022
Patients with ALL who underwent allogeneic HSCT in their first complete remission had a two-year OS rate of 73.9%.
Leah SherwoodMeeting News | December 21, 2022
Cachexia could be used as a prognostic marker for survival after CAR-T therapy in patients with aggressive B-cell lymphoma.
Leah SherwoodMeeting News | December 20, 2022
In follow-up data from the phase II CAPTIVATE study, ibrutinib plus venetoclax demonstrated a favorable benefit-risk profile.
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