Leah SherwoodAcute Lymphoblastic Leukemia | July 15, 2022
A new study found that more than one-third of patients aged older than 65 years do not receive...
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Leah SherwoodMyelodysplastic Syndromes | July 7, 2022
Treosulfan demonstrated a significant improvement in EFS over RIC busulfan with a clinically meaningful benefit.
Leah LawrenceAcute Myeloid Leukemia | June 8, 2022
The approval was based on data from a trial that randomized patients with newly-diagnosed IDH1-mutated AML.
Ariel DeMaioChronic Lymphocytic Leukemia | January 8, 2022
The all-oral, once-daily, fixed-duration combination of ibrutinib and venetoclax demonstrated superior undetectable ...
Rebecca AraujoHodgkin Lymphoma | November 12, 2021
Older patients are at a significantly increased risk of immune-related AEs.
Rebecca AraujoMyeloma | October 18, 2021
In a phase II prospective clinical trial, researchers evaluated the effectiveness of a personalized sequential therapy for ...
Rob DillardTransplantation & Cellular Therapy | August 12, 2021
The use of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (AHCT) is associated with excellent 2-year outcomes in multiple myeloma ...
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