Follicular Lymphoma
Follicular Lymphoma
The latest news, research, and perspectives in follicular lymphoma (FL).
Loretta Nastoupil, MDVideo Insights | September 15, 2023
September is Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness Month, with Lymphoma Awareness Day marked on September 15.
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Loretta Nastoupil, MDMeeting News | September 10, 2023
The phase II study evaluated liso-cel in patients with relapsed or refractory follicular lymphoma.
Cecilia BrownPrint | July 19, 2023
Key advances in understanding and detecting ctDNA could usher in a future with less invasive, but more informative biopsies.
Leah SherwoodAcute Myeloid Leukemia | July 17, 2023
From Houston, Texas, to Beirut, Lebanon, the SOHO global community continues to grow thanks to its Ambassador Program.
Leah SherwoodAggressive B-Cell Lymphoma | July 12, 2023
The CAR-T targets both CD19 and CD20 antigens for the treatment of relapsed or refractory B-cell malignancies.
Chadi Nabhan, MD, MBA, FACPMeeting News | June 7, 2023
Dr. Rutherford and colleagues hypothesized there would be no impact on PFS when imaging was performed less frequently.
Cecilia BrownFollicular Lymphoma | June 6, 2023
Patients received subcutaneous epcoritamab 48 mg with rituximab plus lenalidomide for twelve cycles.
Chadi Nabhan, MD, MBA, FACPThe HemOnc Pulse | April 20, 2023
Alan Skarbnik, MD, of Novant Health, discusses treating patients with follicular lymphoma and the nuances involved.
Leah LawrenceMyelodysplastic Syndromes | April 12, 2023
Novel targets are under investigation in several types of hematologic malignancies.
Cecilia BrownFollicular Lymphoma | February 15, 2023
The researchers reported “high rates of durable responses” in most patients who were in high-risk disease subgroups.
Cecilia BrownTransplantation & Cellular Therapy | February 10, 2023
The multicenter, single-arm phase II trial evaluated axicabtagene ciloleucel in patients with MZL or follicular lymphoma.
Chadi Nabhan, MD, MBA, FACPThe HemOnc Pulse | February 9, 2023
Dr. Sehn also explains why the TRIANGLE study is anticipated to change practices surrounding transplant in MCL.
Cecilia BrownPrint | January 13, 2023
Lenalidomide plus rituximab is “an acceptable chemotherapy-free alternative” to rituximab plus chemo in patients with FL.
Leah SherwoodFollicular Lymphoma | December 27, 2022
The FDA has approved mosunetuzumab-axgb for the treatment of adult patients with R/R follicular lymphoma.
Kerri FitzgeraldHodgkin Lymphoma | December 10, 2022
The REALYSA study has garnered an enrollment rate of 54%—higher than typical clinical trial inclusion rates.
Leah LawrenceMeeting News | December 10, 2022
The bispecific antibody odronextamab had “compelling” efficacy in patients with relapsed or refractory follicular ...
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