Karun Neupane, MDVideo Insights | September 22, 2023
Karun Neupane, MD, discusses why the meeting was a valuable experience for him as a first-time attendee.
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Elias Jabbour, MDAcute Lymphoblastic Leukemia | September 5, 2023
September is always an exciting time for SOHO members as the month brings the Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas. 
Tycel Phillips, MDVideo Insights | September 1, 2023
The meeting will be held September 6-9, 2023, in Houston, Texas.
Chadi Nabhan, MD, MBA, FACPChronic Lymphocytic Leukemia | August 24, 2023
Dr. Shadman rounds up the latest news on CLL from the summer conferences in this episode of The HemOnc Pulse.
Cecilia BrownMyeloma | August 21, 2023
Dr. Nooka, who served as an investigator on the MagnetisMM-3 trial, discusses the impact of the accelerated approval.
Sagar Lonial, MD, FACPPrint | August 17, 2023
The Blood Cancers Today Editorial Board reflects on the latest news in the field so far in 2023.
Jennifer R. Brown, MD, PhDPrint | August 15, 2023
SOHO President Jennifer Brown, MD, PhD, reflects on the upcoming 11th SOHO Annual Meeting.
Guillermo Garcia-Manero, MDMyelodysplastic Syndromes | August 4, 2023
Guillermo Garcia-Manero, MD, the 2023 SOHO President-Elect, shares his hopes and goals for the coming years.
Cecilia BrownPrint | July 11, 2023
Dr. DiPersio discusses events that shaped his career, his lab’s most transformative research, and the future of transplant.
Elias Jabbour, MDAcute Lymphoblastic Leukemia | June 8, 2023
We went from survival of 10% to 90% and from full-fledged chemotherapy and transplant to a chemotherapy-free regimen.
Cecilia BrownPrint | June 2, 2023
Dr. Nastoupil reflects on the experiences that led her to study disparities in lymphoma and her hopes for the future.
Cecilia BrownVideo Insights | May 26, 2023
World Blood Cancer Day is marked on May 28 each year.
Sagar Lonial, MD, FACPViewpoints | May 12, 2023
To quote a well-known exchange from the final Harry Potter movie, “it’s complicated.”
Leah SherwoodMyelodysplastic Syndromes | May 11, 2023
The field of hematologic oncology is now contending with reconciling the proposed rival WHO and ICC systems.
Cecilia BrownMyelodysplastic Syndromes | May 8, 2023
Dr. Zeidan discusses a patient who shaped his career path, the pressing questions in MDS and AML, and more.
Chadi Nabhan, MD, MBA, FACPThe HemOnc Pulse | May 4, 2023
Sagar Lonial, MD, FACP, discusses how he approaches frontline therapy for multiple myeloma and key MRD considerations.
Larysa Sanchez, MDMyeloma | May 2, 2023
This editorial outlines key practical points for the use of talquetamab in relapsed or refractory MM. 
Cecilia BrownAcute Myeloid Leukemia | April 21, 2023
April 21 is Acute Myeloid Leukemia World Awareness Day.
Chadi Nabhan, MD, MBA, FACPThe HemOnc Pulse | April 20, 2023
Alan Skarbnik, MD, of Novant Health, discusses treating patients with follicular lymphoma and the nuances involved.
Leah SherwoodVideo Insights | April 20, 2023
Anastasia Tikhonova, PhD, talks about her research on the immune microenvironment in T-cell ALL.
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